Westchester municipalities

Most recent data: Dec 29, 2022

The municipality with the most new cases per capita in the last 14 days is Elmsford, where there have been an average of 3 new cases per day reported between Dec 16, 2022 and Dec 29, 2022 (64 per 100,000 residents). Hastings-on-Hudson is another recent hot spot, with 4 new cases per day reported in the last two weeks (57 per 100,000).

Throughout the pandemic, the municipalities that have had the largest share of their population test positive for coronavirus are Elmsford (1 in 2) and Ossining Village (1 in 2). The municipalities that have had the fewest cases per capita are Pound Ridge (1 in 5) and Lewisboro (1 in 4).

New cases per 100,000 residents (14-day average)

Westchester County does not currently publish historical data at the municipal-level, but I have reconstructed this data using maps posted on the WestchesterGov Twitter account. The earliest maps that included the number of active cases by municipality were posted in early May. As such, the data I have largely misses the first wave of the pandemic from March and April 2020.

The chart below shows the severity of the pandemic in each municipality by plotting the rolling 14-day average of new cases per 100,000 residents by day. The municipalities are ordered from top to bottom by their current average daily cases per 100,000.